Our Mission

Help Feed Hungry Kids

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 5 school-aged kids in Canada relied on school-based nutrition programs. Subsequent school closures left many Canadian kids unsure about where their next meal would come from. Since April, that statistic has grown to 1 in 3.

So earlier this year Save-On-Foods donated $500,000 to help feed hungry kids in Western Canada, and invited customers to match that amount through donations at the till and online. We are very pleased to announce that together, we reached our $1-million fundraising goal!

  • Donate In-Store

    Donate In-Store

    Customers were invited to donate $2 or 500 More Rewards points at the till of any Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart Foods or Urban Fare location. All money raised locally stays local – that means each community helped kids right in their local areas.

  • Donate Online

    Donate Online

    Despite reaching our fundraising goal, there are still thousands of kids that need our help. Donations can still be made online through Breakfast Club of Canada, BackPack Buddies or I Can for Kids digital platforms.


meals to kids donated by Save-On-Foods and its customers over the last three years through the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Community Partners

Supporting the Breakfast Club of Canada

Funds raised will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada, which helps feed more than 243,500 children and youth in 1,809 schools across the country each year. The Club will in turn distribute funding and support to schools, community organizations, and other partners mobilized to get food support to kids as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All donations are tax exempt.
Our charity registration number is:
866073133 RR0001

Quote Mark

We know that kids need nutritious meals and we are absolutely committed to helping these organizations continue their critical mission despite school closures. We are grateful to Breakfast Club of Canada and our other partners who have joined forces with us to support our schools and students.

Darrell Jones, President of Save-on-Foods

Community Partners

Mobilizing the talent of our partner organizations

To support this work, and in response to requests for guidance, programming support, donations and food from a growing number of schools and grassroots community partners, Save-On-Foods has mobilized the talent of partner organizations known for their skills and well-established best practices in delivering these services in British Columbia year-round. From procurement, to program delivery, to logistics, the team has assembled quickly to assist in accelerating the delivery of a sustainable solution.

In addition to Breakfast Club of Canada, partners in this coordination effort include Food Banks BC, Backpack Buddies, I Can for Kids in Calgary, BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, The Grocery Foundation, and Food Mesh.

Backback Buddies

“Right now needs are surging and we can’t let our kids down,” says Backpack Buddies Co-Founder Emily-Anne King. “Backpack Buddies is uniquely positioned to get food into the hands of those who need it most, on the ground, through our dozens of partnerships with local schools. These funds will ease the fears of hungry families, who know we’ll be there to help them through the COVID-19 pandemic.

I Can For Kids

“We appreciate the long-time support of Save-On Foods, who understood our mission and have supported us from the beginning,” says I Can for Kids Executive Director Bobbi Turko. “I Can for Kids was formed to help feed hungry kids during the summer months when they can no longer access school nutrition programs, and because of this global crisis, their summer break has started months ahead of schedule. With help from Save-On-Foods and Breakfast Club of Canada, I Can for Kids and our agency partners can safely deliver more support to kids in need wherever they are in our community today, and in the weeks and months ahead.”

The Grocery Foundation

“These exceptional times have prompted an exceptional response from grocery retailers to help hungry kids, including this current effort by Save-On-Foods which will help them continue to access vital nutrition. There’s every likelihood we will also have an even greater number of hungry children who will require support when school resumes. We’re grateful to the public that have supported efforts to date and will continue to prioritize children at this time of need,” says Shaun McKenna, Executive Director of The Grocery Foundation.

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

“BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation has developed a strong collaborative approach with farmers, distributors, health and education partners for sustainable delivery of healthy BC grown fruit, vegetables and milk to over 90% of schools around the province for over 15 years,” remarked Executive Director Pat Tonn. “Kids need nutrition to grow, learn and prosper, and we are proud to partner with organizations and people who make that happen.”

Food Banks BC

“Every month in BC close to 100,000 individuals regularly need the services of our community food banks, said Laura Lansink, Executive Director, Food Banks BC. “Of these 1 in every 3 is a child. Healthy nutritious food is vital to every child to give them the best chance of success in life. Food banks are working to ensure no child ever has to face hunger and we are pleased to be able to lend our resources, including advice and programming support, to this coordinated effort to get immediate relief to school children facing a new, urgent and unique need.”


“We believe food insecurity in BC is avoidable, and fixable when we all work together.  Our role at FoodMesh is devoted to using technology to safely match good food to where it’s needed most, helping an online network of 500+ businesses rescue and distribute more than 350,000+ meals each month via our platform,” says Jessica Regan, CEO of FoodMesh.

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  • About Save-On-Foods

    Save-On-Foods customers regularly donate to food banks through the company’s existing channels. This year, amid the pandemic, donations to food banks at Save-On-Foods are up 25 per cent over 2019.

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  • About Supporting Partners

    To support this work, Save-On-Foods has mobilized the talent of partner organizations known for their skills and well-established best practices in delivering these services in British Columbia year-round.