A long-standing commitment to healthy oceans

Through the Ocean Wise program, Save-On-Foods provides sustainable ocean products such as our Western Family prawns.

The Ocean Wise Program

Save-On-Foods is a proud partner of the Ocean Wise program.  We’re committed to providing sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood. Ocean Wise is a conservation program founded by the Vancouver Aquarium that educates and empowers consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.

Did you know: approximately 85% of the world’s fish stocks are overfished or fully exploited?

Overfishing is the greatest threat to our oceans today. When you see the Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item it’s the Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly choice. Sustainable options are species that are caught or farmed in ways that ensure the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem.

The program uses four criteria when recommending a species:

  • It’s abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
  • It’s well-managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
  • It’s harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.
  • It’s harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

It’s not too late to take action to protect our oceans. We can make a big difference by making changes to our eating habits and choosing ocean-friendly seafood. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol at a Save-On-Foods store near you.

We are proud to announce that select Western Family Prawns are now 100% sustainable & Ocean Wise approved! Shop online for the prawns here!

Our Mission

Caring for our customers starts with taking pride in the products we sell

Customer and team member safety and satisfaction starts with the products we sell. Each and every product we stock adheres to our principles of responsible governance.

  • Food Safety and Quality

    Food Safety and Quality

    We will always provide, safe, compliant and quality food.

  • Transparency


    We will make it easy for our customers to access information about our products and services including what they contain, how they were produced and where they come from.

  • Responsibly Sourced Products

    Responsibly Sourced Products

    We embed responsible practices into how we source our products, with a focus on responsible supply chain practices, animal welfare, and human rights.

  • Nutrition, Health
 and Wellness

    Nutrition, Health
 and Wellness

    We will make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices by offering a range of food, products and services that contribute to good nutrition, health and wellness.


Understanding where our food comes from

We live in a global community — and our customers at a local level want to know the full lifecycles of product by the time it reaches our shelves. We recognize the need to provide easy access to this information to our customers in the way they wish to receive it, and are committed to being responsive to their ever changing needs and reporting it annually.


of seafood items we sell are recommended by our Ocean Wise partners — making it easy to shop sustainably.
*2021 full Ocean Wise Audit is currently underway: check back soon for updated numbers

Animal Welfare

Sustainably and humanely raised

Save-On-Foods is proud of our commitment to work collaboratively with suppliers, producers and industry to ensure the animal products we purchase meet stringent food safety standards and are raised in a sustainable and humane manner.

Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Meeting emerging customer needs

Our company strives to be a part of the ever-evolving discussion around our health needs, and that we need to meet emerging customer needs. Therefore, we are focused on continuing work already underway; including making it easy for consumers to make healthier choices with clear labels, reducing the amount of saturated fat in our Western Family Products, and evolving our health and wellness products and services.


  • 1Create strategies to address key issues the organization has identified as very important to our customers: animal welfare, environmental impacts and human rights through increased transparency of our supply chain and sustainability efforts
  • 2Collaborate with local, provincial and federal partners to identify opportunities that support our customers in making healthy choices
  • 3Continue improving year over year and report on this progress through our annual Corporate Responsibility report

How we’re bringing our commitments to life

  • Putting the right eggs in your basket

    In 2011, we partnered with the Vancouver Humane Society to develop and launch a labelling procedure for eggs that lets customers clearly see how the hens laying them were raised. Today, 38% of our egg sales are cage-free.