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We are listening and understand the needs of our customers – we share their values. By building sustainable practices, giving back to the communities we serve, and continually creating a healthy working environment, we aspire to meet the evolving demands of our communities.

Darrell Jones, President of Save-On-Foods

Message from Darrell Jones

President, Save-On-Foods

Save-On-Foods is a family company — one that I was raised in. I am proud of my roots in this organization and the fact that I have built my career in the business where I started in Cranbrook, B.C. bagging groceries. The heart of our business is in the communities we serve.

This is why when we look to support and work with our communities, we are focused on understanding how our company contributes positively to society – taking care of the environment, giving back to the community and creating an inclusive workplace.

We understand that the needs of our customers and the communities we serve are evolving — and we intend to meet new demands and build sustainable practices through a leadership team committed to these values. Our ability to evaluate, test, adjust, implement, and then scale up quickly and economically, has been the backbone of our success for over a century.

At Save-On-Foods we aim to listen to the communities where we operate and understand how our operations, our people and our resources are most useful. Whether we partner on the ground with officials to ensure food is available as wildfires devastate the province, or work with sustainable food practices towards a goal of zero food waste — Save-On-Foods is committed to powering the people and resources necessary to be a community member and leader in the industry.

We have identified four areas of focus: Caring for Customers, Sustaining our Resources, Community Leaders and World Class Culture. This report reflects the hard work or our team in these areas and the goals we are focused on accomplishing.

I am excited for the work we have ahead — our industry is evolving with our communities, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work we do and how we do it — with heart, values and commitment.

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The work we do in community, with key decision makers, producers, and across the supply chain – from farm to table – are integral to our ability to provide safe, affordable, accessible and meaningful customer experiences.

Julie Dickson, Managing Director, Corporate Services and Public Affairs

Message from Julie Dickson

Managing Director, Corporate Services and Public Affairs

The implementation of our corporate responsibility framework has been evolving over the past thirty years. It is clear that the work we do in community, with producers and across the supply chain – from farm to table – is integral to our ability to provide safe, affordable and meaningful customer experiences.

For decades Save-On-Foods has been integral to communities’ well-being – far beyond the bricks and mortar of our store buildings. In fact our store buildings are where many of our innovations begin, from sustainable building practices to reducing emissions for home delivery – we incubate the feedback we receive in our stores and expand our footprint with meaning and value out the front doors.

We are at a crucial point in our evolution – we continue to expand our organization across the country while sharpening our focus on sustainability and connecting to the long-term needs of the community.

We know the needs of the communities will evolve – as will the needs of our customers. And our organization will stand beside them and adapt as needed to best serve our communities. The coming years we will continue to address climate change, plastics and packaging, responsibly sourced products and local community investments. I am excited to be part of Save-on-Foods leadership and invite you to support our work and our vision for healthy, thriving communities.