Update on Egg and Pork Commitments

In 2013, we announced our support of a common industry goal to sourcing all fresh pork from systems using group-housing for pregnant sows by 2022, and in 2016 we also announced our support of a common industry goal of sourcing all shell eggs from cage-free systems by 2025.

Since these announcements, we have worked with our suppliers to achieve these date targets. Unfortunately, it has become clear that our farmer partners are unable to meet these timelines.

We are proud of our work to advance against these goals, being the first retailer in North America to implement improved egg labelling signage for consumers, and driving sales of cage-free eggs to 43% over that time (as of 2023).

We continue to work with our egg and pork partners to make progress on conversions and we will report on the progress we make through our annual CSR Report. We are also working to support the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) regarding appropriate updates to the codes of practice for pigs and laying hens.

For more information on NFACC codes of practice click here.